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            Charlie Maloney is a Virginian and a Navy Vietnam Veteran. He has a Bachelor’s degree of Fine Arts Degree in Acting from Virginia Commonwealth University, and Master’s of Fine Arts in Directing. A true Gemini. His life has been defined by two unique, separate and successful careers that presented concurrently in interesting ways. He was the Chief National Match Rifle-Smith for the First Army Marksmanship Training Unit, & Chief Gunsmith for 2 major commercial competition firearms suppliers, as well as maintaining his own business in that industry. Theatre was his love and passion, profession, and avocation since a teenager. By the time he retired from theatre in 2019, he had directed and performed in 200+ productions, independent films, and taught acting and directing. Charlie has traveled extensively throughout his life, including having spent time in Hong Kong, the setting for much of this work. He’s also a guitarist and advent reader.

“COURAGE” is Charlie Maloney’s first novel.

Future Publication date To Be Announced

Charlie Maloney has retired from Acting

Charlie Maloney has retired from Directing

Charlie Maloney has retired from National Match Gunsmithing

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